Retire in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican Riviera, not one of the city of illegal drugs. The beach has golden sand and blue colored water offers relaxation on the edge of the beautiful bay. However, in the lush mountains of the Sierra Madres, you can ride horses, play mountain bike, and a walk in malecón (open field) with local residents. Nature tourism is growing, so do not miss the chance to see dolphins, humpback whales, manta rays and fish. The history of this city can be seen from building a beautiful, stone streets, and the cathedral is gorgeous, and seasonal gatherings in the city center. But does that make a lot of interesting people on shore beaches company! Because there are a few of the best beaches of Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit:

1) Bucerias Beach: The golden beach stretches for miles and gentle waves of this beach is a perennial favorite among families. Decorated with many beach restaurants and a small town, this beach is perfect for relaxing day at the beach.
Seafood lovers will enjoy the giant oysters among other delicacies. Boasting the longest beach, it provides enough space for everyone to play around.
Steady winds create a cool and fresh beach and is a boon for the summer. The city also offers plenty of things to eat and drive. Tourists to the type of budget can enjoy a variety of local cuisine. A foreign market is a vibrant fun for those who want to shopping for souvenirs to take back home. You also will get to experience the local culture of Mexico famous.

2) Destiladeras (Punta de Mita): Puerto Vallarta locals just love this beach. During the holidays one can find the beach filled with sun soaked family as if going out of fashion the next day!
Which add to the beauty of white sand beach. The beach is spacious which gives everyone enough space to play around.
Perfect waves for surfers who find the 2-5 five-foot swells are perfect for surfing. For those with less adventurous streak, they can only walk a mile in his beach stretch with amazing views. With a gradual drop-off this beach is perfect for children and families.
One can eat fresh seafood at an outdoor restaurant near the palapa-shaded beach. This is a perfect place for tourists.

3) El Anclote Beach (Punta de Mita): This beach is home to many Puerto Vallartans. The beach is always bustling with activity. One can enjoy many water sports by kayak hire, catamarans and snorkeling equipment.
Whale watching is one of the main draw here. You also can rent a boat and a guide to the nature preserve Islands Las Marietas and enjoy snorkeling and diving.

Apart from that I mentioned above was a good idea if you are visiting Sayulita. Sayulita is one of the villages located in Mexico that can be taken approximately 35 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta or less than about 10 minutes from downtown. Many tourists who visit this place just to relax on the beach and surf Nayarit.

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